Day of Prayer for Britain January 2019

On Saturday 26 January, 3000 people gathered with David Hathaway for a Day of Prayer for Britain, in The SSE Arena, Wembley. In addition, there were over 100,000 streams on David's YouTube and Facebook pages, and on GOD TV and Revelation TV social media pages [within the first seven days after the event], as prayer groups and individuals participated from around the world. David said, "We come together to overcome division, to change the destiny of the United Kingdom and to align with the Purposes of God." People came from every ethnic, racial, social, cultural, and church divide.

Leading prayer were: David Hathaway, Clifford Hill, Tobi Adeboyega, Nims Obunge, James Aladiran, Elijah Chanak, Yemi Adedeji, Bishop John Francis, Betty King (who carries the vision for Wembley and gave her worship team and ushers), leaders from other black churches in London, Sid Cordle, Andrea Williams, David Hews (Prayer for Parliament), representatives from Christians in Government, Sharon Stone, Lou Engle (from America), Barry Seagal (from Israel) and Berthold Becker (from Germany). Worship Director: Phil Woolley. Soloist: Huw Priday.

We are gathering together to change this nation by the Power of God through prayer. When Jesus was in the storm on Galilee, He took charge and commanded the wind and waves to cease. God has called us into action. We will call upon God in powerful intercessory prayer to change the nation. We need to be bold, to pray in faith and according to the Word, God will both hear and answer!

We have a comprehensive programme of prayer, but from the outset there are only three critical things we must do: first, give Jesus His rightful place as Lord over this land. The second, we must pray that God will deliver this nation through Brexit. And third, bring the Glory of God back into our nation. – David Hathaway

Thank you for praying

What an amazing Day of Prayer. Already we are seeing the beginning of the answer to our desperate praying. We specifically prayed over the voting in Parliament on Tuesday 29 January. We prayed for a decision and for unity. The votes and decisions seemed to unite the government under Theresa May with the whole of her party and the DUP for the first time! Although the two main political parties still have their differences, surely this is the beginning of the answer to our Day of Prayer. - David Hathaway