Meeting with President of Ukraine

On Wednesday 13 February, representatives from David Hathaway’s Ministry met with the President of Ukraine. The meeting was organised by his administration and held in the Bible House. Bishops from the Protestant, Orthodox and Catholic denominations were invited. This is the first time in the history of Ukraine that a serving President has visited the Ukrainian Bible Society. To commemorate his visit, President Petro Poroshenko wrote the first verse in a project called, ‘The Handwritten Bible’.

Over 30,000 Ukrainians will participate in The Handwritten Bible, including all government members: President, Prime Minister, Heads of Government Departments, General Prosecutor, Heads of anti-corruption authorities, Deputies of Parliament, Senior Speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine, and others.

The Handwritten Bible project began at the National Day of Prayer for Ukraine, 2 June 2018. The completed Bible will be presented on 8 June 2019 as part of this year’s National Day of Prayer.

President Poroshenko said at the event: “Every Ukrainian politician should read the Bible. I thank you for the unity of the Church in Ukraine, and for praying for the nation.”

During the Cold War, many Christians, including David, were persecuted and imprisoned for their faith in God. David himself served a year in a communist prison for Bible smuggling before being released by Harold Wilson in 1973. For over 30 years David has evangelised and ministered in Ukraine: this recognition from the President about the central role of the Bible in national life, is the fulfilment of a lifetime’s vision.