Ukraine Day of Prayer 2017

Over 8,000 joined together in prayer and unity, as Bishops and Pastors from every denomination led prayers of repentance. This was truly a National Day of Prayer with even the Ukraine Government represented at the service in Kiev. 

Interceding for the nation, the leaders of every denomination united to pray over every aspect of repentance and need in the nation, from government to orphans, from battlefronts to internal corruption. The passion and emotion united a nation in faith, in the Name of Jesus and on the authority of the Bible as the very Word of God!

Amid the current political upheavals in Britain, the USA, and around the world, it is easy to forget that bordering Europe is an ongoing proxy war between Western influence and Russia. Many claim that the EU has brought peace to Europe, yet quietly forget this three-year war which it is powerless to stop. Ukraine is in crisis - war and death on its eastern borders, families and communities across the nation divided along ethnic lines, the people angered by corruption in the government - and the encroachment of ungodly European 'values' from the West. The problems in Ukraine cannot be solved by political or military means - the churches of Ukraine recognise that only prayer can change the destiny of their nation.