Ukraine Day of Salvation

6000 attended the Day of Salvation celebration in Kiev, Ukraine on Sunday 17 September, with thousands dedicating their lives to Christ after hearing the Good News. In addition, the whole service was broadcast LIVE on social media. Four state TV channels (secular of course) published official news reports - this was powerful! Of those responding to the call of repentance, 1000 attended a dinner the following day in order to join church home-groups. The service, led by David, was the culmination of two years of National Prayer in Ukraine; we continue to pray with all churches in Ukraine until God answers by delivering the nation from war and corruption, and restores peace, stability and prosperity. 

Working together with Salvation Churches and its 180 associate churches, the event was three months in preparation, including two months of street evangelism by church members. Salvation Church shares our vision that people should not just attend the evangelistic service and repent, but that new converts need to be discipled. Evangelisation is only a beginning. The next step is to lead the convert through water baptism until they become active church members, on fire and winning new converts for Christ themselves. Every believer is a minister, extending the Kingdom of God.