Israel, May 2017

On 12 May 2017, David ministered to hundreds of Russian Holocaust Survivors and their families living in Israel. The service, overlooking the walls of Jerusalem, featured the anointed worship of Vinesong. Sharing the Good News, David had absolute freedom to talk about the ministry of Jesus: how He lived and died in Israel to reconcile us back to God; Jesus, the Son of God who came down with power to forgive sin and heal the sick; Jesus, who was born in Bethlehem, grew up in Nazareth and died here, in Jerusalem; Jesus, who said, "If you believe in Me, YOU will preach this Gospel of forgiveness, YOU will heal the sick in His Name" - and this ministry which He gave us who believe will continue till Jesus comes back and His feet stand on the Mount of Olives! - This Jesus is the only One who can forgive sin, and He is the One who will rule the world from Jerusalem! David spoke of the miracles he has seen and witnessed, of the power of prayer, and of the fact that Balaam in the Old Testament, who was hired to curse Israel, could only say, "I cannot curse those whom God has blessed." David said, "I want YOU to come under the protection of the God of Israel, Jesus is praying for you right now before the Throne of God - give him your heart!" Almost everyone in the hall stood to call on the Name of Jesus, and many claimed to have been healed during the prayer for the sick.