Lithuania Evangelism and Day of Prayer

At the beginning of December David held a Day of Prayer for Lithuania, together with leaders of every evangelical tradition and attended by Christians from all Lithuania (and even from Belarus and Poland). It is God’s time to wake up and mobilise Believers to withstand the evil that is coming from the godless laws, propaganda and spirit of the EU. David says, “I am concerned that the Christian voice is not heard. We MUST stand together in an alien hostile world where the smallest minorities are changing the legislation and the spiritual character of our nations.”

David opened the prayer, recalling the effectiveness of the National Days of Prayer in Ukraine which have resulted in the President declaring 2018 to be the ‘Year of the Word of God’ – this in a former communist country – the first nation in Europe to declare the Year of the Bible!

He said, “In all Europe today we need this power of prayer. In times of crisis when politicians and diplomats have no solution, God has an answer. God says, “If My people will humble themselves and call on My Name and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and heal your land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14. God also says, when we stand together in unity, He COMMANDS the blessing! Psalm 133. This is a challenge in every nation that, as Christians, we stand together in unity. We are the Body of Christ, one body. But if one of my legs is somewhere over here on this side of the platform, and the other somewhere over there on the other side, and my arms at the back of this hall, I can’t get out of bed!!! If we are not united in Christ, the church cannot ‘get out of bed’!!! We have one Head, one Heart, let us become one Body in the Name of Jesus! … Everything in my life has been the result of prayer … After more than 70 years of preaching the Gospel, I feel we have to look at the heart of the Church. We have to come together in unity on 2 things: the Authority of the Word of God, and Salvation only in the Name of Jesus.”

Following the Day of Prayer, David held two evangelistic meetings with salvation and powerful miracles of healing, including one young man, in a wheelchair because of a stroke, who got out and walked with great joy!

During these days, both in Lithuania, then in Latvia, David met with Christians in the Parliament, took part in a forum on freedom of religion in the Parliament, held interviews with Christian and national media; and in Latvia, additional meetings with leaders of the evangelical and catholic churches.