Ministry in Northern Ireland

9-12 November: David was the speaker at an All-Ireland FGB Convention in Newry, County Armagh. For 20 years during the Troubles a frontline town and military zone with a large garrison - a place to be shunned - today Newry in Northern Ireland is a boom city. The Convention was attended by delegates from North and South, catholic, protestant, evangelical, charismatic.

Today Northern Ireland is living in the ‘Peace Process’, but has been without a government in Stormont since January 2017 - the two major parties, Sinn Fein and DUP, unable to reach an agreement to form a workable coalition. Old sectarian and political divisions still lurk beneath the surface. But the only solution to the future of the whole of Britain is here, in this island.

David said: “You have here in Ireland a major problem, and in Brexit, it’s insoluble. You cannot have a hard border here again in Ireland. My desire, my passion, is to call North and South to unite in prayer - and not just over Brexit, but to call the whole island back to Christ. We cannot live in the past, we have to live in the future. You get nothing without repentance. I am calling North and South to prayer, to public prayer. The world must see Christians on their knees, praying, the world has got to understand we have a God who answers prayer. God is not deaf, God is not silent. If you pray from your heart and follow it with action, God will hear, God will change this land. God will break the wall of division, tear down the barriers, unite the people. Only God can! We cannot trust the politicians and the diplomats - I would rather put my trust in the Sovereign God and in the Power of the Holy Spirit. God has armed us with the whole armour and commanded us to take the sword of the Spirit. Church, we’re at war against the devil, fighting for salvation, for the Kingdom that is coming. O God, raise up your Prayer Army and save this nation!”

David also spoke on the call to Ireland to pray, in two churches in Belfast, on the Sunday and on the Monday night. 350 filled the nave of St Anne’s Cathedral. As he approached the end of his message and his challenge, people were standing in their feet.