Day of Prayer for Germany

"I have a vision for Britain – and for Germany." - Leading prayer in Germany last week, David exhorted the intercessors gathered in Altensteig for a Day of Prayer:

"We must call our nations to prayer! But YOU, YOU, the intercessors in Germany, are the Powerhouse that God is going to use! God has called YOU to unite in prayer, to unite in action! Pray that Christians all over Germany will unite on the Authority of the Bible and on the Gospel of Jesus Christ – for a National Day of Prayer. I love Germany, I love German people. Your nation needs God. We rebuke the power of the enemy. O God, pour out Your Holy Spirit, send the Power, send the Fire! YOU intercessors, YOU are the army of God. This is a spiritual battle. This is all-out war. The devil won’t like it, but we must outlast the attack and withstand the godless spirit of the European Union!

"We cannot do it unless we know God, but God is lighting a fire in your hearts today. This vision must not die – God is calling Germany. Ask for the gift of faith, and the miracles will follow; God has a miracle He wants to do in Germany; add to your prayer, the faith to believe that God will do it – and He WILL touch Germany."