2018 Ministry Review

If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7.14, KJV)

“I sense strongly that Europe is drifting away from God’s standards laid down in Scripture, that the nations are reeling under a complete breakdown of Christian morals in every part of national life: government, media, public life, even in the Church. Yet the only answer must come from us; it is our responsibility as believing Christians to be both salt and light… but ‘if the salt has lost its savour’ (Matthew 5.13)?

“Now that we have begun holding Days of Prayer in Britain, Ukraine, Germany and Lithuania, we must continue to allow the Lord Himself to take back control over the affairs of our nations. We must persist in prayer and make room for the 7000 of whom God has said ‘they have not bowed the knee to Baal’.” - David Hathaway

Day of Prayer for Ukraine

19 denominational church leaders led 10,000 Christians in prayers of repentance and unity at the Third National Day of Prayer for Ukraine, 2 June 2018. Broadcast to the nation, the service received support from the President and leading members of the government. Organised by David Hathaway’s ministry in Ukraine, the event us in response to the ongoing war in East Ukraine.

This unity was in answer to the prayer of Jesus in John 17.21, “Father, may they be as one as we are one.” - Where else in the world have all Christian denominations, laying aside doctrinal differences, publicly come together, under their leaders and before the nation, on the authority of the Word of God and salvation in Jesus Christ?

2-days before, at the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, President Poroshenko spoke on the power of prayer to change a nation: “Twenty-six years ago,” he said, (when the Soviet system collapsed and Ukraine became independent), “you could not have initiated the reforms you see today in Ukraine - it has only happened by the power of prayer. Almost 1500 monuments to Lenin have been removed from our land. By the power of prayer, we are bringing our nation back to God - even five years ago it would be impossible to imagine. We would not be able to do any single step without the power of prayer. I was praying to God all night asking for the salvation of or soldiers (during critical attack of Russians in the east)… All persons displaced by the war are invited to church, and all Churches are respected by our law. We are bringing our nation back to God. I greet and support the Third National Day of Prayer, initiated by David Hathaway.”

Day of Prayer for Britain

Over 2000 people gathered in intercession for the United Kingdom at Central Hall Westminster, 8 September 2018, with many more praying in small groups around the nation - whilst 9000 joined in the prayer online - in faith that God’s Will for the nation shall prevail. David said, “We are here to change this nation by the Power of God through prayer. When Jesus was in the storm on Galilee, He did not begin to confess the sins of the disciples, He took charge and commanded the wind and waves to cease. We acknowledge the sins of this nation and can confess them all day, but God has called us into action, we are here to call upon God in powerful intercessory prayer to change the nation - and with God we can change the nation! But we need to be bold, to pray in faith and according to the Word, God will both hear and answer!”

Intercessions were led by David Hathaway, Dennis Greenidge (Pastor, Worldwide Mission Fellowship), Barry Segal (Founder, Vision for Israel), Jonathan Oleyede (Team Leader of City Chapel & Convenor of National Day of Prayer & Worship), David Tidy (Co-ordinator, Prayer Warriors International), Philip Quenby (Political/Prophetic Author), Sidney Cordle (Leader, Christian Peoples Alliance), Bill Nelson (Co-ordinator, Prayer for Parliament), David Hews (25+ years intercessor for Parliament). Worship was led by Richard Lewis, Huw Priday, Brenda Taylor & Vinesong.

Opening the service, David said, “We have a comprehensive programme of prayer, but from the outset there are only three critical things we must do: first, give Jesus His rightful place as Lord over this land. The second, we must pray that God will deliver this nation through Brexit. And third, bring the Glory of God back into our nation.”

Day of Salvation, Ukraine

During September, David was the invited evangelist to celebrate 25 years of Salvation Church in a great open-air public celebration attended by an estimated crowd of 5000 people - 300 joined the church the next day at a follow-up meeting. This church also was born out of the first Pentecostal Church. Their work is in one of the densest dormitory populations of Kiev - supported by the Mayor of the district and his administration - because the drug addicts and homeless are saved, crime has fallen, and the streets have been cleaned up both literally and spiritually by the effectiveness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Only God can deliver Ukraine from the war on the east, the ungodly secular pressures from the EU on the west, and its own internal corruption. But God will use Ukrainian people to be His demonstration to the world that Jesus is alive and He’s coming back for those who serve Him!

Day of Prayer for Lithuania

On 1 December 2018, David Hathaway held a Day of Prayer and evangelism in Lithuania. To see the exhibition hall filled with hundreds meeting to pray for their nation was an encouraging beginning. The response has encouraged us enough to believe that next year we can take the Siemens Arena, which we filled 10 years ago for evangelism, and see 12,000 including Catholics, pray with us.

Humanitarian Aid, Ukraine and Israel

Throughout the year, David’s ministry supported internally displaced persons living in Ukraine. Just before the start of the new school year, almost 40 Ukrainian children were given a good quality school backpack, filled with all the necessary school supplies. This was only possible because of faithful support from the friends and partners of David Hathaway's Ministry. Over 200 food packages were distributed to internally displaced persons living in Ukraine; in addition, 100 specially prepared gifts were given to orphan children. We continue to support Holocaust Survivors and other needy groups in Israel.