Day of Prayer for Britain March 2018

On Friday 23 March, David held a Day of Prayer for Britain. David says, "I sense strongly that, as a nation, we are drifting away from God's standards laid down in Scripture, that the nation is reeling under a complete breakdown of Christian morals in every part of national life: government, media, public life, even in the Church. Yet the only answer must come from us; it is our responsibility as believing Christians to be both salt and light... but 'if the salt has lost its savour' (Matthew 5:13)?

"Now that we have begun, we must continue to allow the Lord Himself to take back control over the affairs of our nation. We must have another Day of Prayer, next time I propose a much larger venue, probably in September 2018; we turned too many away this time and must make room for the 7000 of whom God said they 'have not bowed the knee to Baal'."

Intercession was made for Leaders in National and Local Government, Brexit, Reformation in the Church, and a return to Biblical values in the nation. 

The entire service is now available to watch: