2017 Ministry Review

'All nations will come and worship before You, for Your righteous acts have been revealed.' (Revelation 15:4)

"We serve a God of the impossible, a mighty God of miracles who's got power to do all things. I have learned that everything God does is a miracle! If it's not a miracle, then you or I could do it! In my life I know that it is God working when the totally impossible happens! Whatever the problem, God never, ever fails - it's impossible! It's His character. He's the God of miracles!" - David Hathaway

We give God all the Glory for the great things He has done; with thankful hearts we marvel at the victories God has wrought, and with eager expectation, we look into 2018 believing that He who began a great work will bring it to a flourishing finish. 

The Bible teaches, 'If My people...' that is you and I as believers, 'will humble themselves and pray, and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways... I will heal their land.' The future of Britain, of all nations, are in the hands of the intercessor. Prayer is of the utmost importance and must precede any move of God. On the 77th anniversary of the National Day of Prayer called by King George VI, 1400 intercessors responded to David's call to pray for Britain and filled the main hall and overflow of the Emmanuel Centre, London - in addition, more than 100 other prayer groups all over the nation participated. Our only hope is through prayer. We need to call every Christian, every concerned individual to pray. Pray at home, in your church, in groups in your town or city. Join a prayer group. Prayer is effective. 

Six thousand attended the Day of Salvation celebration in Kiev, Ukraine on Sunday 17 September, with thousands dedicating their lives to Christ after hearing the Good News. In addition, the whole service was broadcast LIVE on social media. Four state TV channels (secular of course) published official news reports - this was powerful! Of those responding to the call of repentance, 1000 attended a dinner the following day in order to join church home-groups. The evangelism, led by David, was the culmination of two years of National Prayer in Ukraine; we continue to pray with all churches in Ukraine, until God answers by delivering the nation from war and corruption, and restores peace, stability and prosperity. 

Interceding for Ukraine in a National Day of Prayer, May 2017, the leaders of every denomination united with David to pray over every aspect of repentance and need in the nation, from government to orphans, from battlefronts to internal corruption. The passion and emotion united a nation in faith, in the Name of Jesus and on the authority of the Bible as the very Word of God! - This was truly a National Day of Prayer with even the Ukraine Government represented at the service in Kiev. Earlier in the day, the representatives of the President went on television to say, "The people have chosen the Church and God - the Government respects this and must do the same!" - This is a nation which for 70 years lived under a godless, atheistic regime that persecuted and killed Christians for their faith! What a victory!

Throughout 2017, David Hathaway's Ministry not only sought to bring healing to Ukraine through evangelism and prayer, but in partnership with Philadelphia Church, has ministered to the physical needs of the internally displaced from the war zone of East Ukraine and from Crimea. Hundreds have received humanitarian packages containing food and other personal items, children were also given bags with essential school supplies. Having experienced the horrors of war, these people have been touched by the love and acceptance of David's ministry and are very grateful for these gifts. When he was in Ukraine, David prayed for all who had escaped the war, that they might leave behind feelings of hurt, bitterness and unforgiveness, and that they might have peace in their hearts in Jesus' Name. 

As we have faithfully done since 2011, David again ministered to hundreds of Russian Holocaust Survivors and their families living in Israel. The service, overlooking the walls of Jerusalem, featured the anointed worship of Vinesong. Sharing the Good News, David freely spoke about how Jesus reconciles us to God and each other. For six years David Hathaway's Ministry has been strongly sponsoring social support initiatives benefiting Russian-speaking Jews living in Israel. Working through 26 partner groups, every month our staff care for the physical and spiritual needs of approximately 2700 people, supplying them with food, hygiene items, medical and accessory packs; in addition, we pay the transport costs of volunteers who care for the elderly and those who need to be visited at home.