Ukraine Day of Prayer 2019

On 8 June 2019, David Hathaway held a Day of Prayer for Ukraine. This is the fourth year this service has been organised. Held initially in response to the armed conflict in east Ukraine, it is now a declaration of unity and repentance, both to God and before the nation.

Ukraine DoP 8 June.jpg

Writing on 12 June David said, I have just returned from the National Day of Prayer in Kiev, 8 June. It is the unity of Believers across every denomination, starting with the Leaders themselves, that touched me. You should view it on our website and see what your giving has made possible! This was the largest and best-ever event since we began in 2016. Over 11,000 attended, 10,000 in the seats plus 400 ushers, two large orchestras, hundreds in the choirs, totalling over 500, and over 100 police and security staff. Nothing like it has ever happened before – yes it cost us over £350,000 which you gave – but the result was incredible! I spoke both at the opening and the end, the Patriarchs, Archbishops and Church Leaders of the 20 main denominations led the prayers in between! Four State TV channels attended and made live reports, and the full event was carried on three Christian TV channels, streamed on YouTube and Facebook in two languages, over 50 reporters were present!

In response to the Day of Prayer we received this wonderful letter from the Senior Bishop of the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church:

Dear Brother David,

This is to express our sincere joy before the Lord and share our love and appreciation for your ministry to the Ukrainian nation. Our combined efforts and resources made the National Day of Prayer for Ukraine an outstanding national event on 8 June together with Family March in Kyiv, Ukraine. Thank you for your willingness to follow Jesus’ calling and serve an example to many!

It was a true celebration for dozens of thousands of people present in Kyiv Sport Palace and watching online, praying and blessing the nation in obedience to Holy Scriptures. Many still share beautiful testimonies, feelings and memories of Holy Spirit present and acting in our midst last Saturday.

I also want to assure you, dear David, we continue our prayers about people of Great Britain. The news we read are bad, but the News we share are Good! May God bless you and your team as you prepare for Great Britain, National Prayer in August. You and your people are in our prayers!


Mykhailo Panochko, Senior Bishop of Ukrainian Pentecostal Church