Day of Prayer for Britain September 2018

Over 2000 people gathered in intercession for the United Kingdom at Central Hall Westminster, 8 September 2018, with many more praying in small groups around the nation – whilst 9000 joined the prayer online – in faith that God’s Will for Britain shall prevail. David said, “We are here to change this nation by the Power of God through prayer. When Jesus was in the storm on Galilee, He did not begin to confess the sins of the disciples, He took charge and commanded the wind and waves to cease. We acknowledge the sins of this nation and can confess them all day, but God has called us into action, we are here to call upon God in powerful intercessory prayer to change the nation – and with God we can change the nation! But we need to be bold, to pray in faith and according to the Word, God will both hear and answer!”

Intercessions were led by David Hathaway, Dennis Greenidge (Pastor, Worldwide Mission Fellowship), Barry Segal (Founder, Vision for Israel), Jonathan Oleyede (Team Leader of City Chapel & Convenor of National Day of Prayer & Worship), David Tidy (Co-ordinator, Prayer Warriors International), Philip Quenby (Political/Prophetic Author), Sidney Cordle (Leader, Christian Peoples Alliance), Bill Nelson (Co-ordinator, Prayer for Parliament), David Hews (25+ years intercessor for Parliament). Worship was provided by Richard Lewis, Huw Priday, Brenda Taylor & Vinesong.

‘Prayer Anthem for Great Britain’ by Vinesong: LIVE worship from the Day of Prayer for Britain, held on 8 September 2018.

Declaring the Lordship of Jesus in Britain

Opening the service, David said, “We have a comprehensive programme of prayer, but from the outset there are only three critical things we must do: first, give Jesus His rightful place as Lord over this land. The second, we must pray that God will deliver this nation through Brexit. And third, bring the Glory of God back into our nation. A secular newspaper writer recently wrote that we have two months to rescue the soul of the nation – this statement has a spiritual value: by the grace of God we WILL save the soul of the nation.”

He then lead the congregation in a declaration from the National Day of Prayer held on the third anniversary of the outbreak of war in 1942,

“Brethren in Jesus Christ, we have come together on this day to place ourselves in the hand of Almighty God: to humble ourselves in His presence; to tell Him all that is in our hearts; and to seek His blessing on our cause, our country and our lives. I bid you therefore, to take your part in asking God’s forgiveness for all that has been amiss in our national life over the years that are past; in confessing our strong trust in His loving providence; in praising Him for the deliverance that He has so far granted to us out of the hand of our enemies; and in praying for the victory of His righteousness, and the coming of His Kingdom on earth.” – Issued under the authority of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York

Declaration of Repentance and Faith

During the Day of Prayer for Britain, declarations of repentance and faith were led by David Tidy, Co-ordinator, Prayer Warriors International. “We thank You Father for all that You have accomplished in our lives because of Your Son Jesus. We thank You Jesus for all You have accomplished on and through the cross for us. We thank You for sending Your Holy and Life-Giving Spirit to abide in us, and allowing Your Kingdom’s manifestation from within us… We thank You for all that You have said and done for Britain over these last years. Thank You for giving such grace and being so merciful towards us. We confess and ask for Your forgiveness for allowing spiritual powers to invade our land, bringing idolatry and occultism to deceive the people…” For the full declarations watch the video below.

Praying over Brexit

Praying over Brexit, David read aloud an email he received from Berthold Becker, German businessman, intercessor and long-time friend of the ministry in Ukraine:

Blessings and greetings from Germany! Following please find some of my impressions on Brexit which you may share as you please.

I remember the insecurity and disunity even among prayer leaders and prophets before the referendum two years ago, both in Britain and also on the continent, where many of us wanted Britain to stay in the EU for what seemed like good and valid reasons. However, the Holy Spirit later convinced us to pray in unity for Brexit. This was most unexpected for many, but the miracle happened, and Britain voted for Brexit.

From my perspective, Brexit is primarily of spiritual rather than of economic importance. Remember, just about the same time as the Brexit issue came up, the Lord reminded us of old prophecies about His plans to bring evangelistic end-time revival to Britain and to the continent of Europe. Obviously in this context, the Lord wants Britain to be set apart from the EU and not be under the ‘EU-Babylonian rule’.

The road to Brexit has been rough so far. No wonder! The enemy is very upset and does not want Britain to leave the EU. We need to see that there is a tremendous spiritual battle going on over Britain and Brexit. I believe that the intercessors, both in Britain and on the continent, need to stop discussing the pros and cons of Brexit (which are mainly economic) and join in united prayer for a breakthrough for Brexit!

We need to proclaim that Brexit is from the Lord and that it has to serve His purposes and not those of mammon. We also need to break any spirit of disunity, arrogance, deception, intimidation and jealousy which is presently affecting the British and EU governments.

I believe that the key to this whole situation is UNITY IN THE BODY OF CHRIST, in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, beginning with the intercessors! (2 Chron 7:14.)

From a political point of view, the British government does not need to behave defensively, nor does it need to appease the EU. Negotiations should be absolutely on equal terms. Instead of ‘humbly applying’ to be accepted for future participation in the free EU market and even offering advance concessions, the British government should remember that the E.U. presently benefits from a 100 billion EUR trade surplus p.a. (Germany alone 40 billion EUR) and therefore, Britain should define what is good for her and how the EU can have a free market exchange with Britain after Brexit.

Praying over Parliament by David Hews and Brexit exhortation by Jonathan Oloyede

For over 25 years, David Hews has led intercession over the UK Parliament. In this section, David talks about his work and leads prayer for the Government.

Jonathan Oloyede, Team Leader of City Chapel & Convenor of National Day of Prayer & Worship, speaks about Brexit and leads prayer over the issue.

Day of Prayer service (morning (Part 1) and afternoon (Part 2) sessions)

Day of Prayer for Britain. 8 September 2018. Westminster Central Hall, Part 1

Day of Prayer for Britain. 8 September 2018. Westminster Central Hall, Part 2