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#TheTurning Mission

  • Westminster Chapel Buckingham Gate London, England United Kingdom (map)

At this critical time for our nation, I would encourage you to support The Turning Mission to London, which is launching on the 21st of September at Westminster Chapel. 22 Boroughs and many churches across London are taking part in the launch. Yinka Oyekan and Bill Johnson are speaking at the launch. Book in through Eventbrite and join in this mission here

We need Jesus to visit our capital city of our United Kingdom with the Gospel at this crucial time. I myself will attend this event.

The Turning creates regional and national teams to empower local church leaders to see their communities equipped in evangelism and discipleship.

Yinka Oyekan, TheTurning says: "In 2020 we’re having our very first mission to England, 14 counties are lining up to do The Turning missions, starting with the mission to London in September – 22 boroughs are signed up to be involved. In the three years since this evangelistic outpouring first hit a little Baptist Church in Reading, England, 17,500 people have prayed the prayer of commitment to Jesus Christ and given us their details. Over 80,000 people have been prayed for in the streets. It used to be said you had to go to Africa, South America, the Philippines to see great moves of God. But I want to tell you, the Holy Spirit is moving in Great Britain. The thing that moves God the most, that is on His Father’s Heart, that breaks His Heart is broken people, a people who are lost and do not know Him. We need to remember, God so loved the world… the reason Jesus came was because He has God’s love in His Heart for you and I. It is critical to see our nation turned back to Jesus and re-evangelised!"

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