Prayer List for Day of Prayer for Britain 8 September 2018

This is a provisional Prayer List – subject to change as led by the Holy Spirit

We are here to change this nation by the Power of God through prayer. When Jesus was in the storm on Galilee, He did not begin to confess the sins of the disciples, He took charge and commanded the wind and waves to cease. We acknowledge the sins of this nation and can confess them all day, but God has called us into action, we are here to call upon God in powerful intercessory prayer to change the nation – and with God we can change the nation! But we need to be bold, to pray in faith and according to the Word, God will both hear and answer!

For divisions in the church – for failure to reach those outside – for failing to stand firm on the authority of the Bible – for not being a strong united voice for what we believe – for denominations where things condemned in the Bible are openly accepted – for spiritual leaders who are too weak to lead.

That His Name shall be exalted above all others once more in this land.

Prime Minister – Government Leaders – Philip Hammond – the EU – Michel Barnier to change his mind! Brexit is a spiritual issue – not just political; the EU is Babylon, and getting out is like the miracle of Israel leaving Egypt.

We need to pray that God's Will shall be done. And support for the DUP who are the only party in the UK who oppose abortion and same sex marriage. Also that Ulster will be protected against customs barriers.

For Spiritual Leaders to arise to bring the 'Church' back to Biblical authority and standards. That the Name of Jesus will be proclaimed in every church. That the Gospel will be proclaimed in and by every church. That churches will stop being self-centered and reach out to the lost.

That Christians would unite together instead of being so very divided. The Biblical difference between praying in small groups and the power of praying in unity.

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales:
For unity in the 4 nations of the United Kingdom – that Christ will be uplifted.

That the Holy Spirit will work in Parliament through Christian MPs. That Godly, Biblical principles will be brought back into Parliament.

That he would be shown for who and what he really is and will never come to power in Britain.

Moslems/Religious groups:
That they will hear the clear call of the Gospel of salvation, and repent.

The Internet:
For God through the Holy Spirit to stop the evil, corrupting influence which is controlling the internet.

In society - business - politics - Church.

Healing of the Nation:
Heal people's hearts. Bring restoration in families. Heal mental and emotional distress crippling our youth. From corruption in all levels of society. Stop homelessness in our streets.

That God would raise up men to be good fathers. That men would become leaders. That they would take their God given role as the head, not the tail.

The ones who are strongest agitating for abortion are women. The recent vote in Ireland brought young women from round the world to demand the right to kill their unborn babies. We need to pray not only against the laws, but that God will change the women.

Godly role models. Stop the pressure for sex change. Strength against internet influence.

That Israel will be under God's protection despite her sins. That all Israel will be saved.