Join me for a Day of Prayer 8 September 2018

I believe that in this time of crisis in Britain, God is calling me back to this nation. With my years of experience, especially in the great Days of Prayer in Ukraine, it has shown that if Christians will unite in strength, eventually even the government will take notice. As a result, in Kiev, both the President and the Prime Minister supported us, along with the Heads of every Christian Denomination.

I know that many are already praying for Britain, but the Bible is clear in Psalm 133 that where there is unity, 'the Lord commands the blessing'. That's why I am asking you and your churches to support this major prayer event. We need to pray especially for:-

  • Our Prime Minister to have courage and strength to make the right decisions over Brexit.
  • Because both people and the government are divided, that God's Will shall be done for Britain.
  • That, as the 'Church' has turned away from the truth and authority of the Bible – the Nation will turn back to God in a spiritual revival and that there will come, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, a real repentance from our spiritual leaders.

I believe that history shows us that God has used Britain more than any other nation except Israel. I do not believe that God has forsaken us any more than He has Israel. But we must 'rend our hearts, not our garments' before the Lord in prayer. This date is significant because it was on the 8th September 1940 that our beloved King George VI called us to prayer during the war, and history records that God worked a miracle within days.

September is a critical time, Theresa May is trying to persuade the EU, before they, in October, are to make the final decisions over Brexit. You and I together have power to change things through prayer, so that it will be God's Will, not man's, that will determine our future for ourselves and our children. I have 3 daughters, 5 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren! I want their future to be in God's Hands!

We have chosen Central Hall Westminster – because it is close to Parliament – but also because it is a reminder of the power that came from the preaching of John and Charles Wesley which changed our nation 200 years ago. So that, in addition to prayer, we shall be 'proclaiming Jesus right across this land.'

I need you, but more importantly God needs you to change the godlessness and bring this nation back to God, through prayer and the Holy Spirit!

To guarantee your place, we need you to register online:

I hope to see you on Saturday 8th September,
Your brother in Christ,

David Hathaway