One Word from Jesus

There are a lot of things we cannot change, whatever you do in your life, there are some things we cannot change by ourselves. But suddenly, when Jesus stood up, one Word, that is all Jesus did; He commanded the storm to stop, and the Bible says a miracle happened. Immediately the wind stopped. The waves went down. A miracle happened. Suddenly these men, these disciples, discovered who Jesus was. 

With all of us, there has to come a time of revelation when we understand the reality of Jesus Christ. The interesting thing about this storm on the sea is, in the middle of the storm, when everything was going wrong, Jesus was in the boat. He wasn't on the land. He wasn't in heaven. We get the wrong idea; people say, "God is in heaven, that's if there is a God" - and I've heard this all over the world - "If there is a God... well I don't believe in God, but if there is a God, where is He? Oh, He's in heaven; He's a long way away. He doesn't know, He doesn't care, He doesn't see the problems in my life. He doesn't know the difficulties I have with my husband/wife. He doesn't understand that I have no work, that I am hungry. He does not understand because He is only a God in heaven." But I want to tell you: whatever the storm in your life, whatever the circumstances, the Jesus of the Bible, is right there in the midst of it with you. He is there with you; He is not just in heaven. The Bible says, God so loved you, He sent His Son into the world, to live in the world, to die in the world, so that He could understand. 

God is in the boat with you - He understands our storms. He knows our problems. He knows our suffering. God works miracles. My God, your God, is a God of miracles and deliverance. 

'Then Jesus stood up and rebuked the wind and the waves, and suddenly all was calm' (Matthew 8:26)