Day of Prayer for Britain 8 September 2018

Join David Hathaway for a Day of Prayer for Britain, praying over Brexit, Unity, and Reformation in the Church, on Saturday 8 September, at Central Hall Westminster. Tickets are £10, available through eventbrite on the link below. 

God's Holy plan for this nation will prevail! "We have a responsibility before God to pray for our nation: to pray for Brexit, Unity, and Reformation in the Church. I believe Brexit was an answer to prayer and a divine opportunity for this nation to turn back to God. We also need to pray powerfully for unity in government and the nation; the Bible says that a house divided against itself will fall! And most important, we need a spiritual reformation in the Church with a return to Biblical Authority, otherwise God will by-pass the Church completely! Until Britain, and the Church, turn back to the Truth of the Word of God, there is no hope for this nation. Today we must bring the Gospel back to the godless heathen nation we live in!" - David Hathaway

Intercessions will be led by David Hathaway, Dennis Greenidge, Barry Segal, and others. Worship: Richard Lewis, Huw Priday, Brenda Taylor.